June 18, 2010

I can’t tell you much about “Wild Bill” before he came in to my life about two years ago.  He showed up one day at Cha Ching’s Shop with all his Patriot Guard Rider patches and vest on and introduced himself.  As we talked I came to understand that his was a serving heart for a group of men and women he admired and was dedicated to.  As we talked it became obvious that he, his motorcycle and his dedication to Veteran’s was a passion of his heart.  When I asked “Wild Bill” if he would be interested in joining the Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association, he was overjoyed at the possibility of riding with men and women who shared his passion, love and dedication.  The rest is history.  “Wild Bill’ was always at the meetings, always contributing, offering his services and gifts to do all he could to see that our men and women in uniform received the respect, assistance and dignity that he felt they so richly deserve.

“Wild Bill” would stop in the shop at least once a week, spend time, talk and just let his loving spirit flow in to the conversation.  Always supportive.  Always vigilant.  Always prepared.  That’s “Wild Bill.”  He is my friend, my confidant and a man I’ve grown to love and admire for all that he does for EVERYONE.  You’ll never hear a complaint from him and he’ll rarely ask for help.  He’s just a person who has seen others in need, including myself, and “stepped up to the plate.”  With all that currently sits on his agenda, he’s quick to tell you that he’s doing fine.  So, let this letter serve to say, “Thank You Wild Bill.”  You are the quintessence of what a member of the CVMA should be.  You are the “bar” that PGR Riders need to aspire to.  You have exemplified the spirit of friendship, caring and giving.

No matter where you are, what you are doing or how things may be going for you; please know that there are many people who can honestly say that their lives are better for you having been here for them.  I know, for one, that this is a truism.  Raise your hearts and minds in prayer and give thanks that there is such a person as “Wild Bill.”  His presence has been an inspiration and his courage is something that allows me to know that, regardless of my circumstances, I can still reach out and offer that which is left to give.

                                                    joseph a. “jack” graham
                                                           aka “Fubar”
In Memory of
William "Wild Bill" McDonough
"Welcome Home Brother"
Wild Bill was very active in Chapter 4-4 of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn. Helping veterans seemed to be a way of life for him. He is missed and will always have a  place in our hearts .  
White Lightning
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He is truly missed in the Tailors shop

William “Wild Bill” McDonough